A hook to the jaw

My Chinese kickboxing coach, Alex Zhao, commented this evening that I can throw quite a good hook to the jaw. I guess this is an important attribute for a fantasy and horror writer. Still, I need to work on my staff and spear – never know when it may come in useful when I’m describing a fight scene in a story, or when I take that time machine back in time and am forced to fight with bandits or gangsters in an open field.

I got a pleasant surprise today. Checking my emails on the computer at 6AM, I saw an email from Flash Frontier, an international online flash fiction magazine. They want to publish my 250 word story, ‘Rubble’, in their June issue! This makes me very excited. It’s a great publication with high editorial standards devoted to short fiction, the June edition is an international edition, and it will be my second publication.

I’m still waiting on replies from work I’ve submitted to other publications. Maybe some of my horror poetry or stories were accepted. Or maybe I’ll get a hook to the jaw. Gotta roll with whatever occurs.


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