Driving with Geralt

I’m finding it enormously productive to listen to audio-books when driving. Instead of listening to songs I don’t like, ads, or inane comments on current events or rugby, I can ‘read’ some more. And if I can ‘read’ this way, and then in text, it’s even better. I’ve listened to a lot of Sherlock Holmes stories, classic horror, and a couple of Andrei Sapkowski’s ‘Witcher’ novels while travelling from place to place.

I bought another Neil Gaiman book today: ‘The View From The Cheap Seats’. It’s not a novel, but a collection of non-fiction essays, articles and speeches. Like with the introduction to his short story collections, I find reading his ideas on writing, storytelling and how he put his stories together very inspiring. It also has the text of his speech ‘Do Good Art’, which I think has something to offer any writer. The speech itself is here:



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